Inojex® Needle Free Review

Inojex® Needle Free Review

With the downfall of the Injex 30 needle-free injector, multiple other companies have crept up. One of those is Inolife Technologies, originally based in San Diego California. Inolife is the importer for the Inojex needle free injector. It is not clear whether Inolife just copied or bought rights to the Injex. However, the device is much the same as the Injex needle-free injector. The Chinese manufacturer that has been making fakes and knockoffs now makes this device. This is in contrast to the Injex which was made in Germany and the United States until the end. Being made in China isn’t always bad. But, when the company manufacturing it has a track record of fakes, that is concerning.

How is it different from the Injex?

There are a few differences between the Injex injector and the Inojex needle free injector. First, they have switched from stainless steel to a plastic. The same company that makes other Injex knockoffs manufactures the Inojex in China. We are concerned mainly about the quality control, even if the company is able to bring a product to market. The same Chinese manufacturer makes the Injex fakes. This will cause a lot of problems for patients.

Inolife History of Legal Issues and Quality Control

The company behind the Inojex needle free injector has experienced multiple legal issues including having its own investors sue it for making false statements concerning FDA approval, and the quality and readiness of the product. Inolife has experienced multiple issues with quality and safety while trying to bring the Inojex needle-free injection system to market. Additionally, investors sued the CEO and the company for hiding these safety and quality concerns.

Availability of Inojex

At present, the Inojex is not available (shows as out of stock on their website) to the public. This is likely due to the multiple quality control and safety issues they have experienced. Even now, they are attempting to get FDA clearance. They have begun to sell the device a number of times, but have had to pull it from the market after serious safety issues. We attempted to order one, and we attempted to reach out to the company a number of times in the past. However, they have yet to answer us.


$349.99 USD



Ease of Use






Availability & Supplies



  • Easy to use


  • Major safety issues
  • Quality control issues
  • No support
  • Not readily available
  • High price

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