Portal Instruments Needle Free Injector

Portal Instruments Needle Free Injector

The needle-free injector by Portal Instruments has a lot of promise. Developed at MIT, they take it a step further with technology which provides customizable disease management tools through software. Unlike a number of devices on the market, they are working to partner with drug companies. The device requires a proprietary vial with the pre-loaded medicine. This means that only medicine which has been pre-packaged for this device can be used with it. At the present time, Portal is working with a couple of drug companies, but currently, nothing is on the market yet. It’s a promising technology, but not available to those who need it now.

Portal Needle Free




Ease of Use






Availability & Supplies



  • Smart Phone/Watch App
  • Technology driven
  • Ease of use
  • Quality


  • Only for pre-defined injections
  • Can't inject most medicines
  • Not readily available yet

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