Insujet® Needle Free Injector

Insujet® Needle Free Injector

The Insujet® was developed with one application. Insulin delivery. While that may sound good if that’s your main purpose for the device, it has some drawbacks.

First, it is limited to only certain brands and dosages of insulin. This restricts the use and means higher prices for you because you are limited.

Second, it has a limited lifetime. InsuJet™ says that their injector is tested for 2190 injections. If you require four injections a day (as most people with diabetes), it will last you for about 548 days or 18 months. Comparing that to other injectors on the market that’s substantially less. For example, the Comfort-In™ is designed to deliver 10,000 shots. That’s more than 6 years of use!

Third, you have to consider dosage restrictions. InsuJet™ requires that you are using a minimum dosage of 4 units. You can use up to 40 units per injection. This presents a problem (making it not suitable) for adults, and especially children, who use one, two, two-and-a-half, or three (1, 2, 2.5 or 3) units of insulin, as well as those requiring larger dosages. By comparison, the Comfort-in™ can deliver any dose between 0.5 units and 50 units (0.05ml-0.5ml) of insulin.

When you consider the lifetime of the injector, coupled with having to give one or multiple shots, the Insujet becomes very expensive. Additionally, users have reported issues with getting disposables – the supplies required for injections in many countries.

Though the price is about $190, comparing that to the other devices that give 10,000 shots, it falls short and ends up costing $855 for the same amount of shots.





Ease of Use






Availability & Supplies



  • Specifically for insulin


  • Price per shot
  • Availability
  • Very Little Support
  • Only works with certain brands of insulin

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