The Injex® Needle Free Injector

The Injex® Needle Free Injector

The Injex was a needle-free injector system originally invented and manufactured in California USA and sold around the world. Once it went to market, it was bought out and moved to Germany where manufacturing was done. It became one of the most popular needle-free injection systems on the market until it’s gradual downfall. Growth along with mismanagement created problems with the supply chain. In an effort to save money over quality, they moved manufacturing to China. This created quality control issues and patients began to experience issues with ampules and syringes and then injection devices not functioning properly. The German owners eventually went bankrupt, and a company in California took over the rights. The FDA sent a warning letter to the company in California expressing grave concerns with the safety and quality. The company continued to sell and manufacturer inferior quality supplies and injectors in the US and other countries for a few more years. At the time of this article, they have ceased operations in the United States. What was once one of the best products on the market became a poor quality product with many fakes and knockoffs.

Injex Needle Free Injector

$259.95 USD / $349.95 AUD



Ease of Use






Availability & Supplies


Reasonable Pricing



  • Easy to Use
  • Price Point
  • Support Documents


  • Major Safety Concerns
  • Quality Control Issues
  • No Longer Manufactured

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